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Radioactive Material Spill

NEVER clean up a radioactive material spill unless you have received appropriate training.  Radiation safety training is available through the Vanderbilt Environmental Health & Safety department.

  1. Confine the spill.
  2. Isolate the area, closing doors as you leave.
  3. Prevent others from entering the area.
  4. Isolate all individuals involved in spill.
  5. Notify VUPD immediately!   Call 911 from any campus phone, or (615) 421-1911 from any cell phone.
  6. Notify Environmental Health & Safety (322-2057) or if outside regular office hours, call the VEHS Emergency Pager (835-4965).
  7. Only trained radiation workers should clean up the spill.
  8. If students are exposed, instruct them to go to the Student Health Center (322-2427), or if after regular office hours, to the VUMC Emergency Department.
  9. If staff or faculty are exposed, instruct them to go to the Occupational Health Clinic (936-0955) or, after regular office hours, the VUMC Emergency Department.  Complete a First Report of Injury report.

For more detailed information:

Refer to Emergencies involving Radioactive Material and the Emergency Procedures section of the VU Radiation Safety Policies & Procedures Manual

To contact the Vanderbilt University Police Department in an emergency:

  • Call 911 from any campus phone.
  • Call (615) 421-1911 from any other phone.

See also Radiation Safety.