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Emergency Operation Plans

Campus EOP

The Vanderbilt University Campus Emergency Operations Plan is a comprehensive framework to how and when the University will respond to a campus emergency.  

The Campus EOP can be found here.

Departmental EOP

The Departmental Emergency Operations Plan’s primary purpose is to establish response procedures in conjunction with the Campus Emergency Preparedness program that mitigate danger and protect the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the event that an emergency occurs at Vanderbilt University.

The plan’s secondary purpose is to continue essential business services and maintain facility operations during an emergency and help to protect and secure university facilities, property, and equipment from loss.

This plan provides basic information needed to address emergency events and situations. Individual departments and/or buildings should use this plan and template to assist in developing individualized plans for their areas.

Additionally, each faculty and staff member should review the Human Resource Preparedness Policy and visit Vanderbilt’s Emergency Preparedness website to obtain additional information regarding campus emergency guidelines and procedures.

Copies of this plan will be maintained by each designated department and with the Vanderbilt University Office of Emergency Preparedness, Fire and Workplace Safety.

Download the Departmental EOP and Quick User Guide

Please download the Departmental EOP along with the Quick User Guide which is designed to assist personnel in completing their departmental EOP.

Departmental EOP

Departmental EOP Quick User Guide


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Director of Emergency Preparedness, Fire and Workplace Safety, Johnny Vanderpool .