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Fire Safety at Vanderbilt

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Be prepared for a Fire

What you can do

Even with the extensive fire prevention measures in place on our campus, fires can still happen.  It is everyone's responsibility to make Vanderbilt as safe from the threat of fire as possible.  The information provided here will help you to recognize hazards that could result in a fire and enable you to respond properly in the event of an actual fire.

About the Fire Safety Systems at Vanderbilt

Fire alarm systems are installed in every building on campus. Fire suppression systems are installed in many campus buildings, including all residential and medical center buildings. Sprinkler system operation, activation of a fire alarm manual pull station or the detection of smoke will activate a building’s fire alarm system. The alarm systems warn occupants and also initiate notification of Metro Nashville Fire department, Vanderbilt Police and Plant Services or Plant Operations. 

No smoking is allowed in any building on the Vanderbilt campus.  Smoking is also prohibited outside on the University and Medical Center smoking symbol

Locations of designated smoking areas for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors are available here.  Information about smoking cessation is available from the Student Health Centerand the Occupational Health Clinic.


Fire Safety Resources 

Fire Extinguisher Training

Click here to learn more about the different types of fires and extinguishers. 

Michael H. Minger Foundation 

Click here to discover the MHM Foundation and explore more fire safety resources. 

Campus and Dorm Fire Safety Tips

The National Fire Protection Association offers helpful tips for fire safety in dorms. Click here to learn more. 



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