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Law Enforcement Response

The primary goal of law enforcement is to eliminate the threat and stop the active shooter as soon as possible.  They will first make the environment safe before helping injured people or assisting with evacuation. Officers may arrive with tactical equipment which includes vests, helmets and rifles. They will take command of the incident. Expect to hear them shouting orders. They may push individuals to the ground for their safety.

It is important to understand that law enforcement will not know who the perpetrator in these situations is; therefore it is imperative to follow instructions from law enforcement officers.

When law enforcement arrives you should: 

  • Remain calm
  • Follow their instructions
  • Put down any items in your hands (i.e., jackets, sweaters)
  • Immediately raise your hands above your head and spread your fingers
  • Keep hands visible at all times
  • Do not attempt to hold on to them for safety
  • Avoid quick movements, pointing, screaming or yelling
  • Do not ask officers for instructions or assistance-just proceed in the direction from which they entered the premises

Evacuation point - If you are directed to a designated assembly point by law enforcement, you will be held in that area until the situation is under control, and all witnesses have been identified and questioned. Do not leave the evacuation point until directed to do so by law enforcement.