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Employees and customers are likely to follow the lead of managers during an emergency situation.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
    • Know your room and floor layouts.
    • Know where building exits are located.
    • Know alternate routes to reach exits.
    • Know where you can shelter in place.
  •   Know how to report an incident from the room you use.
  • Determine how the door(s) might be secured and barricaded.
  •   Identify furnishings or other items that might be used as shields, or, if it comes to it, projectiles or weapons.
  •   Assure that people with disabilities have the assistance they may require during an incident.
  •   Check and update your contact information for AlertVU to receive incident alerts via telephone, email or text messages at
  • At the conclusion of an “active shooter” event, you should let your supervisor know where you and your staff are so that everyone can be accounted for. Staff should not leave campus to go home during or after an active shooter incident without first gaining approval from their department management.

Have questions or need assistance with planning ahead for your particular area? Contact VUPS at